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Becoming a foreign exchange mom

on March 5, 2013

People often ask how our family got involved in hosting foreign exchange students. Our journey began around five years ago when my daughter, Lauren, mentioned that she would like to be a foreign exchange student. My husband and I began researching organizations and made the decision to host. We wanted to give her the opportunity to witness the day to day challenges associated with living in a new place with a new family.

In retrospect, I think there may have been a ulterior motive, to dissuade her; however, hosting did nothing but encourage her more. Lauren applied to the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program in 2012. She participated in a phone interview and did not get any further in the process. We were hosting a beautiful young lady from Germany, Susanna, at the time. We made a bargain with Lauren at that time that if she did not receive a scholarship the next year, that she could graduate early and participate in a gap year program.

In 2013, Lauren applied for the YES program and the CBYX program. She recently received news that she is one of 64 finalists for the CBYX program! She will participate in a face to face interview in two weeks. After that, 50 students will be chosen as participants. I think that she was hoping to be accepted to the YES program, but I am so excited that she has a chance to live in Germany.


5 responses to “Becoming a foreign exchange mom

  1. gretchentreadway says:

    Hello Gretchen! I applied to CBYX as well and I had my interview last Saturday. I was wondering, did your daughter apply for the Vocational High School part or regular programme? I will be doing a Gap Year too, if I get accepted! By the way, I thought it was cool that your name is Gretchen and you have an exchange blog. It’s a small world. 🙂

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